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Banking and investment
Non Profit
Industrial Sector
Food Industries

*Banque du Caire

*National Society General Bank (from 1977 to 1997)

*Misr Romania Bank   

*Triple a Securities

*Falcon Portfolio management till 2001

*Investia Misr Romania Securities

               *Employee’s insurance fund

                (National Societe General Bank)

*The Syndicate committee for misr bank employees

*Misr Alexandria fund for finances investment

*Misr Alexandria fund company for finance investment.

*Club of Egyptian Company for Marine Transport and The Association of Hajj

*Egyptian Company's Employees Fund for Marine Transport.

*National Bank Societe Generale Employees Fund

*Cairo International Cinema festival

*Graduates Association of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science

*Egyptian French friendship society

*Companies Sporting Federation

*Arab Actors General Federation

*Bank of Egypt's Workers Union

*Misr Brick Company

*Egyptian Italian for auto breaking system

*Al masria for electrical cables

*Arabian for Garments Accessories

*Misr Cooling and Storage

*Hover for sticking materials

*New Hover for Sticking materials and Medical containers

*Al Masryeen for housing and development

*Misr Italia for Construction and development

*Trimco petroleum services

*Pacer for engineering consultancy

*Beta Egypt for housing and developments

*Misr Aswan fishing and fish processing

*Kemet for natural food

*Misr Slaughtering houses

*Al Nour Poultry Company

                *Al Bahnaswai Poultry Company

*Middle East Company for Trade & Supplies

* Aajamo Company

* Zodiac Company

* Studio Hakim

* Egyptian-American Foundation for Irrigation

*Ismailia tours

*United for touristic and entertainment service

*Alexandria for transportation

*Beta for real state marketing

*Perfect Commercial Agencies

*Alexandria for textile machines agency